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Manage your entire family's money smartly, in one place.

India's 1st digital bank for families.

Be a part of India's history. Be the 1st ones to sign up.

Octo Money: Welcome

Octo Money

Octo Money Release |  Octo Card Deliveries Begin

June 2022 | All-over India

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A New Gen Platform

For the New Gen Family

Indian Family

Octo Cards for each family member

You get an Octo Card for each family member

  • Parents, life partner, children, brother, sister
    Eg: 7 family members, 7 FamilyCards : 1 for each (get their names custom engraved)

  • Octo Card+ for your added family : Househelp (maid), driver, etc. 

You can spend, view, analyse, Save, Invest, take money decisions as a family.
You can also assign usage rights can be assigned to each family member : adults, children, parents, etc. using Octo Money app.

Think Money = Open Octo

One place for entire family's Wealth Management. 

Transact. Keep a record. Save. Invest. Keep a Record. Together.

Records family's complete money details : 

  • all household expenses, savings, investments etc. done by each one, on each card, category wise. and smartly presents them together on your Octo Money app.

  • Octo Money also prepares your family's monthly, yearly money budget or your Kharcha Book. Household Expense budgeting now done in a second. Create a custom House budget analysis in a second.

Image by Tran Mau Tri Tam
Image by Mike Petrucci

Octo Money Owners can set smart Limits, Controls, Alerts on each/ all Octo Card

For eg:

  • Limit my Househelp's "Octo Card+" spending to Rs. 500 per week and only on Groceries

  • Send an alert to parents when any of my children make a transaction of more than Rs. 1000

  • Alert me with a Yellow Flag alert when the family Entertainment spending reaches 75% of the monthly budget 

Set as per you and your family :) 

Get a : Personal | Family : Switch

Amazing "FP" switch. Octo Money makes a personal space for your money as well, if you need it.

  • Spend, View, Analyse, Save, Invest, take money decisions just like you do with your family. 

Both in one place. Together is better.

Image by Justus Menke
Image by Ben White

Octo Emergency Credit

Keep your family protected in case of an emergency. Get an interest- free emergency credit-line of upto Rs. 1,00,000 which can used by all family members in case of any emergency (accident, hospitalisation, etc.)
This amount can also be withdrawn from ATMs.

We get you.

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Own your piece of the Next Gen

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For Every Family

Secure as Fevicol

Your Octo Money Data
Can be viewed only by your family. No one else.

No need for other Banks (or Cards)

A Rupay Prepaid Debit Card | Tap to Pay | ATM Withdrawals

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Coming soon

Free for 1st 1,00,000 families

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