Decision Making – The Unmastered Art

They say (not we) – Money is the most important thing in one’s life. It is, in fact the benchmark on how the world masks your success, defines your importance and builds your accomplishments.

Now, let’s think – what do we actually do with our money? Well, we…. Take Decisions.

Daily, Short term, long term, need based and want based Decisions. Questions like what to do, where to spend, where to invest, etc. occupy significant time, effort of our lives and tend to influence our emotions in the most direct way possible.

We take these decisions on the basis of many factors like: What our friends tell us, what our colleagues are doing, what we hear in the media/advertisements.

Oh! & a few of us even have – ‘Financial Advisors’ to help us out.

However, do we ever take a moment to realise, that the relatively less complicated short-term decisions that we take – for eg: buying a phone, etc. might actually in the long run – impact our – Standard of Living.?

Do we ever think that, the decisions we are taking might actually not the Best ones for us. That they might actually even be wrong & lead us to unfortunate and unnecessary complications in the future.?

Do we have the sanity to think that somewhere, somehow, we are taking rash, regrettable decisions based on an uncontrollable factor – Emotions..?
Is your life a .. blur?

Decision Making is an art that has forever been unrecognised. An art that makes few rich, few poor and the rest, well, ‘middle class’ - going back and forth on the same swing. The simple logic is that – had most of our decisions been right, we would have been in a better position than we were - a few months, years or decades back.

So let’s introspect, look back and reflect on our lives, our decisions and decide –

Are we Really Better? Could we have been better than we are today, had we taken better Decisions? Do I really know my money and exactly what to do with it? Do I understand my money & am confident about EACH Decision that I take?

Art is subjective, so are these Decisions we take. If Mastery depended on Us, We are all Masters, but then… are we?

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